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Affordable Website Hosting Plans

Hosting Plan
Monthly Fee
File Storage
Email Boxes
Data Transfer
Setup Fee
Basic Hosting
150 MB
10 GB/Month
Dynamic Hosting
250 MB
30 GB/Month
Commerce Hosting
250 MB
30 GB/Month

Included with your monthly fee:

  • A domain name ( is free with Northern Webworks Hosting.
  • Real Audio/Video, Cold Fusion, PHP, MySQL or MS SQL database, and other features are available with the Dynamic Web Site.
  • Miva Merchant electronic storefront available for Commerce Web Site.
  • Not-for-profit businesses can qualify for these packages at half-price:
    (Basic = $10, Dynamic = $15)

Advantages of Hosting on Northern Webworks:
  • Robust Infrastructure – Reliability Issues
    • Redundant routes to the Internet through multiple T1 lines
    • Redundant hot-swappable hard drives, for less down time
    • Daily tape back up, for security
    • You don’t have to buy, set up, and maintain a server
  • Technical Support – Server Administration
    • No setup fees
    • No charge for technical support
    • No charge for web server statistics and other CGI scripts
    • Real Audio/Video, Secure Server for E-commerce
    • Electronic Storefront
    • Custom Cold Fusion Web Applications