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Internet Positioning

Once you've completed your web site either by having our developers design it for you or you've designed your web site yourself you will want to attract people to your site.

What is Web Positioning? When designing a web site there are keywords, description and text on your page which the search engines pick up on. For some search engines the more times you have your keywords on your page the higher your web site will rank for that particular keyword. What we do when you've signed up for our web marketing or web positioning is we take your keywords (that you've picked) and manipulate them to add frequency on your site and submit them to several search engines.

Our Web Positioning service is a three month process, during which time we submit, test and tweak your site every week for search engine optimization. This service is billed at $60 a month for the three months.

Does this sound like something you'd like us to do? Contact us about web positioning your web site today!

Why can't I find my site on certain search engines? It takes time to get ranking in search engines. It can take a couple days up to several months to get listed in search engines. Also some search engines charge a fee to get listed. Only by your request will we submit your site to those search engines.

What search engines are free? Open Directory which includes (Netscape Search, AOL Search, Google, Lycos, Hotbot, DirectHit, Ask Jeeves and hundreds of others); Northern Light and AltaVista just to name a few.

What is Link Popularity? Certain search engines rank sites submitted to them by link popularity (i.e.: AltaVista). This is how many times other people have links to your web site on their web site. The more people who link to your site the more chances you have to have your site visited. You can help get other people to link to your site if you ask your contact people if they have a web site if they would add a link to your web site on their site.

Self promotion? Do you have a television spot, newspaper or radio ad? Do they mention your web site address? This is a great way of marketing your business. Also if you have business cards or brochures you can add your web address to them. Don't forget when you send out an e-mail make sure to include your web site address.